Virus' or infected PC scams to take over your machine and/or take your cash

What to look out for

  • A phone call claiming to be from Microsoft, google or other well known internet entity
  • being told there is a fault with your pc or that it is sending out things
  • offering a 'free' scan to help trace problems
  • charging to fix faults you didn't know you had

You'll get a call from someone, one such number is 02538 020308, claiming to be from a major internet corporation, usually google or microsoft saying your computer is sending things out. Firstly, it isn't. What they are trying to get you to do is go onto the internet, visit their web site for a free scan of your machine. click 'yes' to continue scan when in reality the yes is to confirm you want to install a trojan, a virus or other nasty which they will then pick up in this fake scan and then charge you for the privilege of removing this thing they've just blagged you into installing

If you feel you may have a problem, even if you don't you should always have installed a virus or internet protection package which will keep an eye on your files and internet connections and usually keep your machine and it's contents safe. Personally I use mcafee and am very happy with it but there are many other brands available from as little as a tenner if you shop around.

General scams to take your cash from you


  • Very similar to the above but not quite so sly
  • They just say they have work and to get your hands on a slice of it you have to pay an amount, usually varying between £29 and £100
  • There is no work, you may be lucky enough to get yourself an expensive guide to courier work with all you never needed to know and certainly never needed to pay for
  • Often there will be something that says 24hr contact number in your registration email etc but even if there is it would go unanswered
  • Look out for very huge, repetitive ad type sites promising the earth. 'deliver 2 laptops a week and earn £350 a day type rubbish

We looked into a few of these and one of the people selling a guide/promising work at £375 per day was actually running a man and van service with a £20 per hour fee. Even ignoring the fact that fuel isn't free and the other costs for the van are to be paid for a 12 hour day would still be well short of the claims they make.

Another tactic on these ads is to make it appeal other than the promised income. There is often a list of requirements. are you male or female aged over 18? Can you drive a car, van or motorcycle? are you reliable and honest? can you work full or part time? Would you like to know how to become your own boss by being a specialist courier? Well, think about it. This covers most of the UK population. Suits you sir.