Having a good read about these scams can arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid getting ripped off

How they get you

They set up 2 sites. The first offers work at very high, unlikely rates of pay to tempt people looking for courier work. You register, for free but then before they can give you and of this mountain of work they have you need to be verified first. How handy, they know just the people to do it for you and for only £49.99 (or so) they'll do a background check and before you know it you'll have work coming out of your ears.

What happens is in reality is they bugger off with your cash and there never was any work to start with.

Ways to tell

  • They are usually offering very tempting rates of pay.
  • you have to fill in an application form and provide references which you get charged for
  • they offer an hourly rate instead of loaded mile rates
  • the promised pay is unrealistically high
  • There is usually an offer for early application, register before midnight Friday to get discount and then as soon as midnight passes the same message appears saying Saturday.
  • they say they have lots of big customers who are crying out for couriers
  • The domain is usually newly registered despite the site saying 20 years in the industry
  • They advertise on free listing sites like gumtree
  • A google search brings up no results about the company
  • The site has no meta tags or description tags and a low google rating

If a potential employer needs a background check then a CRB will tell them all they need to know. This is operated by the government and Police

To check the date of registration for a domain. Use a whois search engine