Drivingpayuk.org www.drivingpay.org IS a scam


Drivingpayuk.org scam was ukdrivingpay.org scam but since the lowlife must have been getting well known as thieving pond life they have got themselves a new domain to rob the unsuspecting with.

Their is NO work, they have no drivers, no 'specialist' work that normal couriers don't know about and you won't learn tips to only pay a fraction of your insurance and road tax.

  • Out to get your cash with nothing but 100% lies
  • They just say they have work and to get your hands on a slice of it you have to pay an amount, currently £49
  • Illegal use of webguard logos on their site which tells you they have been trading since 2002 yet a site that was put together only a few months ago?
  • They quote globaldrivers.org as approving them but it is simply an advertising page set up by the scum to fool the unwary into believing this is a genuine opportunity. Link below but DO NOT click any of their links as this will put money in their pocket.