The low life have started calling around selling space on non existent wall planners and business directories for 2015.

These will usually phone you claiming to be producing a wall planner type publication that'll be sent to 10,000 businesses in your area etc etc and you can have a 4x4 box on it for £100 or whatever size/price they decide on. You pay up, they send you one or two wall planners as proof. These are usually the only wall planners with your details on that were and ever will be printed. You'll not get any work as the one in your office is unlikely to be seen by potential customers.

DO NOT get into a conversation with them, hang up immediately. There are many reports of people asking info which they translate into an order and you get an invoice through the post which gives you a headache you don't need. There is no wall planner / chart, it is purely a scam. If you get the call, hang up, no chatting, no questions. But of course, you are free to tell them what you think of them in clear terms.