Hendon' scam to take your cash directly from you

What to look out for

  • collection or delivery on the street
  • one off customer asking you to pay for something on their behalf
  • change of delivery address once on route
  • only a mobile number for contact
  • oddly, people involved in scams like these tend to use surnames. e.g. 'Mr James', rather than 'Stuart'

A courier will receive a call from a person claiming to be from a big company like Marks and spencer, tesco, or similar needing an urgent collection and delivery of a small package. An address will be given for collection and a time agreed. shortly before collection another call will be made saying something like 'We'll have someone meet you on the corner of whatever street name as parking is bad etc and we don't want you getting held up, oh yeah and could you pay the person a sum of money for the item as we're having problems with electronic payment/paypal/ etc and we'll give you the cash as soon as you deliver to us.

Those that have been stung like this think it's ok, they've got the item and can hold it until paid for but on arrival at the destination either the address doesn't exist or nobody there knows anything about it and when the package is opened it would contain junk. The courier loses out on the job and the cash parted with in exchange for a worthless package