- is a scam looks at first glance to be offering work and a free quide, whoopie, robbed of £39.95 and a free worthless guide into the bargain. They have no work to give, do not give them your money. You will lose it and their lies about a 12 month guarantee are just that.

There are many sites out there selling a guide to be a courier which appear to be offering work, many will offer unrealistic earnings for unrealistic hours delivering parcels they don't have to deliver

Most of these guide sites are there to extract your money. If you have no idea how to be a courier then you either need to choose a different career path or get a job as an employed courier, not line the pockets of scum for a £39.95 pdf file. codforum is a good source of information for free rather than paying someone for a guide you don't need to spend your money on.