Scamming low-livesĀ seem to target couriers and wannabe couriers as a source of income rather than actually working for a living like those they target.

There have been quite a few operating but recently it seems maybe the powers that be have finally reacted to the reports of these lowlife and done something about it. There has been a significant drop in these scams bur a large rise in the amount of online guide sellers. The codforum opinion is that you do not need to pay for these guides as all the info you need is here on these forums. All you need to do is read and ask any questions about things you are not sure of. All for free.

A good rule to go by is NEVER ever pay for work upfront. This isn't to say every company that asks for a payment is dodgy but you'd be hard pressed to find one that isn't

Also paying for information should be avoided, why pay for a CD with most likely outdated lists of 'contacts' that could just as well be found in a yellow pages and detail on how to be a courier when the internet and especially here at codforum is full of all the info you need all totally free.

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