Scamming low-lives seem to target couriers and wannabe couriers as a source of income rather than actually working for a living like those they target.

There have been quite a few operating but recently it seems maybe the powers that be have finally reacted to the reports of these lowlife and done something about it. There has been a significant drop in these scams bur a large rise in the amount of online guide sellers. The codforum opinion is that you do not need to pay for these guides as all the info you need is here on these forums. All you need to do is read and ask any questions about things you are not sure of. All for free.

A good rule to go by is NEVER ever pay for work upfront. This isn't to say every company that asks for a payment is dodgy but you'd be hard pressed to find one that isn't

Also paying for information should be avoided, why pay for a CD with most likely outdated lists of 'contacts' that could just as well be found in a yellow pages and detail on how to be a courier when the internet and especially here at codforum is full of all the info you need all totally free.

codforum actively searches out, reports and posts details of scams effecting couriers and the courier industry. If you suspect a scam please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We do all of this for the benefit of the courier industry and run entirely on the proceeds of advertising. Please support us by using the goods and services provided by our advertisers.

The most recently reported scam sites, correct at 12th August 2017. If you know or suspect a site to be scamming couriers please let us know.


  • EU Business Register

Email stating free update and then bills you 995 euros per year See more on EU Business register scam
Also known by other names, including Euro Trade Register, Euro Business Register, World Company Register, World Trade Register, and World Business Directory.

  • Possible text message scam?Be aware of unsolicited text from +44 7714 487344 / 07714 487344 and do your homework before signing / paying anything 

More will be added shortly

  • Parcel Ways scam

Offers non existent work 
See more on scam
Currently only partially still working.

  • microsoft on the phone?

Tells you that your pc has a fault

  • scam

Offers a guide, looks like a work offer See more on courierdriving scam 

  • scam

Appears to offer extensive work but at best sells you a guide with unrealistic promises. Also using North Street Marketing as a front to flogging this pointless guide. See more on scam



They are churning out sites to steal your money on a monthly basis, / parcel way looks to have taken over from / NW Couriers as the latest scam running as well as which all preceded which used to be and and are not to be trusted. They rip people off for a few months and give their site a quick overhaul and new domain and continue to be robbing lowlife. They charge up to £75 per month with promises of 100's of guaranteed job inquiries. THERE IS NO WORK. DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY. / / LG Express online work site, again, has no work, never has (in their as yet 2 - 10 week history)charge £45 plus for 6 months membership and when you register it shows you a list of fictitious jobs in a 20 mile radius of your location. Do not be fooled, these are scum that are incapable of working for a living so prey on people like you who are looking to get into real work.

It seems courier-hub and simply same day has been too much publicised as a scam so the lowlife running it have now moved on to ''. A different site, domain and surprise surprise a different imaginary person sending the emails out. George Brady from "The Courier" offers work they do not have for a fee you have to pay, currently £9.95 per week. Based in a 'virtual office' which they usually use just for having payments sent to and e domain registered to a private address in Northampton, Makes a change from Ireland..

codforum recommend you do not pay a company that should be paying you for work done. If they say they can give you a decent amount of work every week then why can they not take their fee out of the money you earn? Because they don't have the work most usually or are just out and out scamming thieves.Not all of these companies are scammers but you are hard pressed to find one that is totally legitimate. work exchanges are a different matter but research fully before paying anything, if you are unsure then please feel free to ask on the forums.


Simplysameday did used to say the payment was so that they would charge couriers £2 per job they give you, now it's a quarterly fee, a few months ago it was £60 per month fee. Whatever claim the payment is for do not pay them, do not fall for the lies, do not be another one of their out of pocket victims.

Do not send payment to any of the scams listed on this page, also, if you see something that looks too good to be true, it will be exactly that. Do not get duped by the scum that are out to steal your cash.

Couriers seem to be regarded as easy targets for the scam merchants.

They generally pretend to be agencies or 'clearing houses' — they offer to get work from customers and farm it out to owner drivers.

Some of the recent scams have these features:

  • you have to pay a weekly or monthly amount by standing order to be on their books
  • you have to fill in an application form and provide references which you get charged for
  • they offer an hourly rate instead of loaded mile rates
  • the promised pay is unrealistically high
  • they offer 'shifts' with set hours
  • they say they have lots of big customers who are crying out for couriers
  • they use a 'virtual office' address
  • they have an 0871 or 0870 contact number
  • they use a premium-rate short text number
  • they use 'specialist courier' in their blurb

The below sites are currently inactive but may well resurface, if you know or suspect a site to be scamming couriers please let us know. - is a scam looks at first glance to be offering work and a free quide, whoopie, robbed of £39.95 and a free worthless guide into the bargain. They have no work to give, do not give them your money. You will lose it and their lies about a 12 month guarantee are just that.

There are many sites out there selling a guide to be a courier which appear to be offering work, many will offer unrealistic earnings for unrealistic hours delivering parcels they don't have to deliver

Most of these guide sites are there to extract your money. If you have no idea how to be a courier then you either need to choose a different career path or get a job as an employed courier, not line the pockets of scum for a £39.95 pdf file. codforum is a good source of information for free rather than paying someone for a guide you don't need to spend your money on.

Having a good read about these scams can arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid getting ripped off

How they get you

They set up 2 sites. The first offers work at very high, unlikely rates of pay to tempt people looking for courier work. You register, for free but then before they can give you and of this mountain of work they have you need to be verified first. How handy, they know just the people to do it for you and for only £49.99 (or so) they'll do a background check and before you know it you'll have work coming out of your ears.

What happens is in reality is they bugger off with your cash and there never was any work to start with.

Ways to tell

  • They are usually offering very tempting rates of pay.
  • you have to fill in an application form and provide references which you get charged for
  • they offer an hourly rate instead of loaded mile rates
  • the promised pay is unrealistically high
  • There is usually an offer for early application, register before midnight Friday to get discount and then as soon as midnight passes the same message appears saying Saturday.
  • they say they have lots of big customers who are crying out for couriers
  • The domain is usually newly registered despite the site saying 20 years in the industry
  • They advertise on free listing sites like gumtree
  • A google search brings up no results about the company
  • The site has no meta tags or description tags and a low google rating

If a potential employer needs a background check then a CRB will tell them all they need to know. This is operated by the government and Police

To check the date of registration for a domain. Use a whois search engine