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Today I experienced something fairly new.

You know when you get stuck behind a tractor and a long line of vehicles behind him . It can be frustrating . I was in this situation today, the farmer pulled over in a shallow gateway and waved everyone through. 5 cars passed him then me, I tooted my horn and waved as I approached him.

He responded by giving me the thumbs up. I was the only one he made this gesture to,so I am guessing it was just me that showed him appreciation.

This courtesy thing of course arises all the time, or lack of it. What is wrong with people these days.

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Re: Politeness

Post by bramble43 »

People are too busy or too important to say thank you these days.

I like to think I'm not one of these people.
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Re: Politeness

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Unfortunately, for every tractor driver who will pull into a layby to let the queue behind past, there are 9 ignorant pillocks who will drive past empty laybys while the queue behind snakes for miles getting ever longer! I used to drive a Deflectograph lorry for the county council, which tested the underlying road structure, at a travelling speed of about 2mph. Every other vehicle used to pass us and irately toot his horn, as if we were deliberately driving slowly on purpose! Despite having huge flashing amber beacons on the back end, and a large blue arrow pointing to our offside!

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Re: Politeness

Post by brummieadam »

I live in the country given a horse trundlled past out window 1/2 hr ago .

There are tractors and tractors . Some simply have the ``im slow , get over it`` concept to other road users while others realise they can create chaos . As a rule most are a menace sad to say and as they travel short distances they dont care about the consideration of other road users .

i think all you can do is wave thanks to the good guys and know they arnt all bad

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