troublesome noobs

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troublesome noobs

Post by bramble43 »

2 different events this week, first one was a subby wanting to know why he'd not yet been paid for a job done a week ago, despite no pod or invoice having been sent. Turns out, he didn't even know what a pod is and just handed over the package and left :rolleyes:

The second one, collect 5:30pm, deliver 7am.
5:35pm, he calls the customer to ask if he can collect early in the morning and deliver later.
Luckily, another subby saved the day and got it collected smartish.

I'm amazed that so many people just don't get the basics of this work.
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Re: troublesome noobs

Post by IRMA777 »

:rolleyes: I think that's what we are left with in this day and age....not too many OLD school around now.......
If they can't get P.O.D/Invoice correct.... makes you wonder if they can grasp the Insurance issue :!: .
I have even offered to pay subbies immediately, on production of p.o.d + Invoice...yet for some, it still takes days... :confused:

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Re: troublesome noobs

Post by Rwill »

Although I totally understand and sympathise with you're point it is probably a bit confusing for noobs as we talk in industry jargon just like any other.

So if you want to work for TNT, DHL or DPD (initials that most do not know what stands for) then before starting you will need to provide evidence of H&R, GIT and CMR and if your GVW is greater than 3500kgs then evidence of your O licence and CPC. When working you will need to ring in when GOB and give an ETA and the a POD and you will be paid 30 days EOM.

And apparently we all need to be aware of the creeping influence of WIMS enforced by DOGSA, DVLA and of course all H&S matters otherwise we may get a GV9

I think it may be easier to learn JAVA coding and it probably pays more.

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Re: troublesome noobs

Post by legrysexpressltd »

Your probably right. There not sure about earning more with java code thought writiing in c++ or converting it to c# might be more profitable

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