what do u think?

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what do u think?

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What a Pheasant Plucker
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Re: what do u think?

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POLARIS_LOGISTICS wrote:Unlike half of you old *$%#~#&% on here i spend my time working and not sitting on a %$£&*forum talking like a bunch of old women.

Yes amazing isnt it my phones dont stop ringing atm.

Its nameed after the star leading the way
I some times get work from the guys and girls on this forum, i am willing to bet you will not.
However, i can understand that after you have put time and effort into building a web site, to have it ripped apart by people you do not know, can be hard to take. They did it to me. But like me you did ask.
So, collect your toys put them all back in the pram, take a look at the comments to see if they are valid, and, if they are do some alterations. It will do no good to alienate other couriers, in good and bad times we all need friends.
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Re: what do u think?

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Rwill wrote:You went through a remarkable transformation from a moaning Citysprint Od with a Maxus and a hatred of London work in October and November to now an entrepenurial removals executive with three vans on the go earning a fortune. Was it your website that acheived that?

Did you name your busines after the brightest star in the sky or after an obsolete nuclear missile?
I think we all know who the "mug" is if you have been working for citysprint :clap: :yikes: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:

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Re: what do u think?

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Ah, our ever friendly daniel at polaris Logistics / removals of Chatham, Kent doesn't need codforum (obviously must have joined for a bit of light amusement during his sitting around earning 'loadsamoney') so if you need to contact him you can do so via daniel@polaris-logistics.co.uk
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