My Parking Ticket

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My Parking Ticket

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I was asked to collect some chicken from KFC Ipswich and take it to KFC Bury St Edmunds, easy simple job, on arrival at Bury i turned off the duel carriageway into a side road next to the KFC, this road led to a carpark i entered the carpark turned around exited the carpark and stopped opposite the Goods in entrance. I stopped on double yellow lines but there was no loading restrictions. To make things quicker i phoned the customer to let them know i had arrived, within a few seconds the goods in doors opened and my customer appeared still talking to me on the phone. It was a hot day and i had my window open as i spoke to my customer i noticed a white van that had just passed me reversing back, the van stopped so the driver was beside me, he shouted to me "Don't you swear at me" i knew i had not sworn as i was talking to my customer where i was about to make a delivery, i explained this to the irate driver who then shouted "You stuck your finger up at me". I thought this guy was mentally ill, and then he drove off. The lads on the loading bay told me that he was a carpark attendant. He then came back on foot and placed a ticket on my van. Unloading took seven minutes.
As i was in full compliance with the law i e-mailed the Council to ask why this ticket had been issued, their reply said i had parked in the wrong place in their carpark, and i should read their terms and conditions before leaving the vehicle unattended. I filled in their on line appeal, pointed out that i was not in the carpark, that their terms and conditions are not available anywhere and i was within 30 feet of the van at all times, they did not reply to my appeal. I did not pay their £30 penalty and they took me to court.
When i got to court before the prosecution started its case i asked three questions.
Is this a criminal case? Yes it is.
What is the burden of proof? Beyond possible doubt.
What are the rules on discloser? I explained from the day of the ticket i had asked for evidence of any wrong doing and although they said they had sent (in a pack) a statement and photographic evidence they were not included. At this point the clerk of the court took over, and ask if they had any evidence for the court and the answer was NO, case dismissed.
Did i win ? Not really i could have paid £30 and it would have gone away, but going to court cost me 18 months of worry and hours of research, plus a day lost wages while attending court. There is something very wrong with this system where you appeal to the people who issued the ticket and ask then to admit they were wrong to do so.

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