What You Should Know About Car Warranties

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Re: What You Should Know About Car Warranties

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That was the most boring piece of spam I've never read. And the dollar sign just finished it off.

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Re: What You Should Know About Car Warranties

Post by brummieadam »

a certain slaphead who ``created his own warrenty``

brought van , warrenty for peace of mind included from dealer

2 weeks later the belt pully decided to give up the ghost , the result bye bye tensioner and belt , limp to dealer before the sparks run out and the poor thing over heated

Claim form in anddddddddddddd wait , nowt , nadda , nothing happening

Contact them and they say nope out of the time frame for claiming ,,, this is of course marmite, it is the bestest ever given the form and the breakdown was all within 2 weeks of ownership

to this day they do not want to know , the repair was only £150 but still a certain mr wilson will NOT honour claims so vote with your wallets folks

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