Don't you just love students?

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Don't you just love students?

Post by EnsonExpress »

Probably even more at this time of year when they are all going off to the ski slopes.

I had another job on Sunday, pickup in Bristol, passport for Heathrow. When I turned up it had changed from Heathrow to Gatwick and had 600 somethings in cash notes added.

I used to wonder how the next generation of this country's leaders can be so great that they can't remember their passports and even which airport they're at! And once I was concerned at the one who, when asked to "Sign and Print underneath please", asked "what's Print?"

But it pays quite nicely. :yikes:
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Re: Don't you just love students?

Post by Bob Johnson »

stevy wrote:Life is not simple, in my opinion focusing to much may make you can't develop. Life always change, so why don't you give a try?
Yup, totally

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Re: Don't you just love students?

Post by brummieadam »

collected from a frieght forwarders the other day for a student , flats , 4th floor , books so heavy , 21 boxs, no lift , double yellows ....... oh joy

cup of tea provided and a cracking bottom :eyebrow:

i like students

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