life after covid?

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life after covid?

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So after being a courier /owner driver for over 20 odd years and getting by with 3 customers non contracted the real colours came through during first lockdown.

2 are still there and fairly consistent but my main customer 60% of turnover has been taken over and i went with all senior management.

But hey ho life must go on.....been looking at all sorts of new stuff parcel-force, yodel all the parcel firms but a blind man can see that is not going to pay the bills.

so what to do i tried the canvassing which all seemed positive but nothing as yet and now we are down to exchange sites or friends who seem to disappear when things get tough

in the good days i have told numerous people not to bother with exchanges as you cant run a van on fresh air but still keep paying subscription fees. But here we are anybody got anything positive to say about exchange sites ? :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:

and before you look i binned my website a good while ago because it just caused havoc and i lost count of how many scammers it attracted
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Re: life after covid?

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For the last year the exchange sites have been flooded with newbies working for a pittance. The "term" exchange sites should be changed to "back-load" sites..... that is what, they are now effectively used as. Some people make a living off them, but these are mainly trampers...... The overnight boys have been cut to the bone, on-going for a number of years.... I have a handful of my own customers which just about makes me a living, but i also have very few overheads, mainly because i am an old fart. :wave:

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