The 'Hendon' scam (package for M&S or Smiths)

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ITS BACK Re: The 'Hendon' scam (package for M&S or Smiths)

Post by bramble43 »

9 years after this was first posted here, I've just had a call about a re-occurrence.

Collection was Watford, then a hotel and a delivery to a major Theatre.

Mobile number used. ‭07904 413037. ‬ Name given. Mr Lloyd

A subby was sent to collect, parked 10 metres away and left their vehicle to go to the shop address. As he approached the shop, a man with 3 jiffy bags made himself known to the courier as being from the shop and had the packages for the theatre.
Told the courier they were £70 each and needed to be paid for.
Instead of doing the correct thing, contacting the subber for advice (or more correctly, tell scammer to bother off), he got the cash out and paid, before heading off to the hotel and being told they know nothing about it.
The theatre is then contacted, they know nothing about it either.

Courier is now £210 and fuel down.

Remember. Never pay for goods you are collecting, unless it is a regular, reliable client and you are 100% positive it is them requesting it.
Get the cash paid via bank transfer to you before handing over anything.
If it feels dodgy, it probably is.

If a job changes, check everything and think how to keep yourself covered.
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