If you wait they will return

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ray valentine
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If you wait they will return

Post by ray valentine »

Over the last weeks i have had some customer return, the first i had not done work for over 5 years, the next was 3 years and the last was 9 years. the first two were multi national companies the last was a local family run business. You never know what the next phone call will bring.
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Re: If you wait they will return

Post by IRMA777 »

::D: Hope you put your prices up :eyebrow: The multi-nationals can't offer the same service, the smaller company's probably undercut you, and have :rolleyes: gone bust.....
I have lost one of my customers last year,new company charged £40 to London small van(in the zone).... my rate was £100 minimum...... They only call me now when they are in the poo, and i now give them my (in the poo) price. :clap:

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Re: If you wait they will return

Post by EnsonExpress »

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: to both of you.
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