Buying a first van -Tail Lift?

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Buying a first van -Tail Lift?

Post by PBTransport »

Hi guys,
I'm buying my first van to do some courier work.
I'm not sure which type of van gives more opportunities.
I have looked on Shiply and CX and looks like having a Luton Van with tail lift gives you more opportunities then having LWB or SWB with high roof.
Am I right in thinking that with tail lift I will be able to carry lets say 6 pallets or manage larger loads by myself and just having a pump truck.
Any thoughs?

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Re: Buying a first van -Tail Lift?

Post by EnsonExpress »

You’ll certainly build your muscles.
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Re: Buying a first van -Tail Lift?

Post by freestyleminibus2 »

box lutons: worse on mpg,not as versatile as curtainside,lower weight carrying esp with t/lift. more versatile in some ways. Alot of the shipley crew have them for household moves. More of them makes rates lower. Used to be a time u could get a premium,now entirely dependent on local supply market.
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