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Im looking at going for work with Tuffnells, as possibly a owner driver on a 7.5 tonne truck. Im just wondering what the average earnings would be for this(of course including the costs)?

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Re: Tuffnells

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:wave: i assume you have an O licence. if so your more likely to get the info you want on one of the trucking forums.
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Re: Tuffnells

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My experience of Tuffnells is ten years ago!. My lovely European work disappeared when my customer decided that at 84 he had best retire. I was not a multi dropper. But I got onto Tuffnells Crawley with my Sprinter. Paid on a day rate that was middle of the road If the norm then was £120 -£180 per day I got £150. You cant escape from the fact that Tuffnells niche market is "ugly freight": concrete lintels, 8ft curtain poles, ladders, tyres, rolls of flooring etc etc to some pretty awkward delivery spots and the usual before x time slots. As the new guy I was naturally given the ugliest stuff of all in the doggy far flung areas and was last to load and in particular it was October and there were fireworks to go to Tesco stores which was a nightmare and dubious on the dangerous goods regs and insurance. No internet tracking just an annoying phone call every hour or so where are you when will you be at so and so not something I was used to at all. The 7.5 tonners seemed to be operated by a couple of very well in local contractors who then sub contracted out to individual self employed drivers all a bit dubious on the O license front. There were self employed guys who had been there years and years had got good tight routes and they just got on with their work. Me I lasted about a week and a half then we agreed by mutual consent to call it a day. The answer to your specific question I cannot help with. Would I - No.

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