Why I've had enough

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Why I've had enough

Postby slim » Sunday 20 May 2012, 16:13

Fed up with the mad nutters trying to kill me on our motorways,
fed up with stupid cashflow problems,
fed up with caviar for fuel,
fed up with insurance underwriters thinking I'm Niki Lauda on drugs even though I haven't touched another vehicle since 1986,
fed up with rushing out the door and eating dried up sandwiches @ £3.99 for lunch,

fed up with spending days working out complex estimates/quotes for people who never bother to call back with a yay or a nay after several requests to do so,

fed up with myself for having the stupidity two years back to think that I might, just might actually be able to climb back into the saddle after 27 years in it and just gallop off as I used to do,

fed up with sat navs that haven't got a clue,
fed up with anyone in a uniform who picks on me cos i'm an easy target to raise some revenue,
fed up with cameras and idiots in a control room who pay no attention to mitigating circumstances,
fed up with using my own spanners,
fed up with chelsea receptionists and anyone else who thinks that because i have a courier shipment in my hand that i am something on the bottom of their shoe,
fed up with the said receptionist displaying her norks jordan styli and complaining of me staring when actually i'd been gagging over her whores perfume.
fed up with asking for a legible name and getting Donald Duck,
fed up with punters attempting to open shipments before signing for them,

fed up with switching off for a microsecond on a long journey and discovering the artic on your left has just blocked your line of sight for your off junction and the next turn is 13 miles on.....come on you know you've done it.

fed up with dying of starvation and submitting to the maccy d experience,
fed up with trying to get your head down in the back of the van only to discover you've parked your van next to one which contains Ghenghis Khan screwing Attila the Hun with ACDC accompanying,

fed up with breaking down and the call centre not recognising you as a member,

fed up with having to refuel at stupid o'clock,
fed up with having to use ten ton loading bay lifts to carry in an envelope,

fed up with boxes imitating other boxes on my van and proving to me that not only do i need glasses but even after handling a million of the little blighters i can still make a mistake,

fed up with my knowing it all........i just wish i didn't.

I could've bin sumbuddee.............
By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be the boss and work twelve hours a day.
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