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Postby paul13 » Thursday 17 March 2011, 13:48

Hi just wondering how much do you charge if you get a job within 10 miles of your pickup?
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Re: rate

Postby J H Sameday » Thursday 17 March 2011, 14:01

What do you mean ? Cost for that 10 miles or cost for the entire job. Depending on who the customer is I normally would pick up free within 20Km and then charge per loaded mile...... 8)
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Re: rate

Postby MK BIKER » Thursday 17 March 2011, 14:52

Minimum charge......Its up to you what that is.................... :?
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Re: rate

Postby peter andrew » Wednesday 23 March 2011, 22:16

So! The minimum rate is set, but how many miles are included in the minimum rate?
For example
If i charge a minimum of £28 and £1.00 pllm (figures just to make it simple)
Should my minimum charge include 28 miles?
I know charging is upto me, just looking for what others do.
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Re: rate

Postby ray valentine » Friday 25 March 2011, 13:40

You will have to look at the job, then think how long will it take, in my line of work pick up and drops take no less than 15 mins as a rule, so that will be 30 mins total then there is the time to travle with the load, 28 miles on a main road will take about 30 mins but in town much longer, but if it takes 30 mins , you still have to get to the pick up and home, so lets say in total the job took 120 mins, (2 hours).

You have charged £28 pounds, take out ALL your costs for that job and what have you got left? are you happy with that as a wage for 2 hours? if not charge more, of course you may be happy to do short trips for less if that customer gives you lots of long distance work, or pays very quickly, or pays cash. or just to get you out and about so people see your van.

From the above you will see that there are to many reasons to decide what to charge, so a definitive answer will be impossible, and if you get one it will probably not suit you. Google couriers in your area, and see what the local competition are doing, but remember they may not wont local work so may be pricing it accordantly.
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