Do I have much to lose?

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Do I have much to lose?

Postby Anonymous » Saturday 17 October 2009, 21:49

I've thought about this long an hard and read through the FAQ's.

I know it will be probably at least 6 weeks before I see any sort of return but as for the money I'd need to survive this period, I can olny see me paying out insurance and diesel?

My partner has asked for a couple of extra shifts per month to pay the monthly bills and shopping and I can do the maintenance on the van myself (I used to be a fitter). My cousin is the manager of a well known tyre and exhaust fitting company so parts and MOTs arent a problem.

Its not really a career change for me as such. I dont need X amount per week to survive. I only made £280p/w. My wage usually got spent on luxuries we didnt need.

I'll be selling my car this week, a 5.0V8 M5, another luxury I didnt need, to fund a diesel family car, a van and diesel for the 6 weeks.

If I dont get any work, well, I'm not paying for diesel and if it doesnt look like its going to pay off, I can sell the van.

My Dad is also a delivery driver part time two days a week for a local car parts company and has told me he'd be interested in being a subby if ever I was lucky enough to get two jobs on the same day.

My sister is also an accountant so I'm thinking some family favours could be called in.

Am I missing something because it seems a bit too straight forward to me?

Postby Mike George » Sunday 18 October 2009, 06:04

It is pretty straightforward Peter and your plan sounds good to me.

Peter Bell wrote:If I dont get any work, well, I'm not paying for diesel and if it doesnt look like its going to pay off, I can sell the van.

Where a lot of newbies come unstuck is they spend too much upfront using cards to pay for fuel etc, and they need more money than they are earning, so they keep going and get deeper into debt, until they can't afford to buy fuel or the van breaks down.

You can reduce your risk a bit more by buying pay as you go insurance for the first couple of months.

If you want to get your own customers instead of subbying you will need some good business stationery from the start, which is a bit more expense.

[faqtag what have i got to lose?]

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Postby MK BIKER » Sunday 18 October 2009, 07:09

Go for it but please please run at realistic rates dont just run to turn your wheels. my pet hate I'm afraid!
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Postby Anonymous » Sunday 18 October 2009, 09:30

I wont be doing this for a laugh, I'm here to make a living like everyone else and wont be doing jobs if its not worth my while.
No point in doing jobs for next to nothing, I'll still have to consider wear and tear, food, toll changes etc.

Postby dino » Sunday 18 October 2009, 15:55

Good luck to you Peter but it is hard times at the moment in ths industry.
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Postby Anonymous » Monday 19 October 2009, 18:33

Good luck Peter and i wish you all the best.Its a lot of work but ver rewarding.

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