Starting out!!

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Starting out!!

Postby Anonymous » Tuesday 1 July 2008, 17:51

Hi i am thinking about becoming a courier on a Part-Time basis, I have read all the other posts regarding being part time.

I currently have a full time job working shifts which gives me plenty of free time on my hands. i.e only unavailable 7 days out of 21.

I currently have a car but would be willing to hire a van for jobs, Im 24 and still stay with my parents so don't have much outgoings.

I was just looking for a bit of advice how do I go about it, would it work etc..

Any advice would be great thanks!!!

Postby Mike George » Tuesday 1 July 2008, 18:11

If you have read all the other topics about it and you still think it's possible, there's probably not much more to be said - have you looked into the costs of proper courier insurance and van hire at your age?

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Postby steve tate » Tuesday 1 July 2008, 18:45

hi gary i think if your gonna work in this industry you need to be commited im starting very soon and ive researched for more than three months . initial outlay is expensive ie van,van insurance,goods in transit and public liabilty insurance all cost me approx £6 grand and then you might not get paid for work you have done for at least 60 days so you need a wedge behind you to live on.i personally dont think you can do this work part time by that i mean what would happen if your customers rang you to give you a job and you say sorry im at my other job! where do you think they will go.. :roll: hope that isnt too harsh but people come into this to do business and hopefully stay in business
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Postby MK BIKER » Tuesday 1 July 2008, 19:12

Full time costs, insurance etc and only workin part time hours will be your prohibting factors.
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Postby Anonymous » Wednesday 2 July 2008, 11:50

Well said Mr Biker and Steve :clap:

For the amount it's gonna cost you to get all the proper insurances in place (and yes it's imperative you have 'em) you'd really need to do it full time to make it worthwhile mate. (It's not cheap either and I'm 26 so it'll be more for you I'd reckon) Also people want you available most times of the day for work and you won't get it if your phones off cos you're at your other job, they'll just go elsewhere. The only way knockin back work is viable is cos you're too busy but that'll only be the case if you were workin full time! Sorry to paint a bleak picture mate but I'd agree with Mr B and Steve on this one.

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