Hello and a DPD ODF question

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Hello and a DPD ODF question

Postby t.libby77 » Wednesday 24 April 2019, 21:20

Hi Everyone

Anyone had experience with DPD ODF recently? I'm looking into and went to the business presentation today but still unsure.
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Re: Hello and a DPD ODF question

Postby EnsonExpress » Thursday 25 April 2019, 18:21

I have no experience of them.

Ask yourself :-

Are you an employee, with sick pay and holiday pay and a pension (etc,etc)?

Are you self employed but tied in to work exclusively for them six or seven days a week, no sick, holiday pay etc, no pension and have to pay a penalty if you have time off for any reason?

Would you be better off as your own boss, not tied to any single company?
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