Anyone else UK Mail?

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Anyone else UK Mail?

Postby freddykrugger » Sunday 28 January 2018, 11:42

Does anyone else on here work or do work for UKmail?
Is it any good?
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Re: Anyone else UK Mail?

Postby brummieadam » Sunday 28 January 2018, 16:49

I have done at 4 depots in the midlands . As a rule its ok , not too bad ,,,,, you will not be looked after and treated like a grunt but there is a fairness and a degree of understanding . As in all multi drop its when things go wrong that matter and they arnt too bad . The work load comes and goes as per usual but they tend to be busy over all . They have larger depots so its always very very busy and not relaxed at 5.45 in the morning ! but this does get you into the frame of mind to get on with it . If i were to consider multi dropping again its defo a company id consider working for , one of the better companys to work for .
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Re: Anyone else UK Mail?

Postby STRBM » Saturday 3 February 2018, 00:09

Yes. I'm in one depot in London. The previous comment its thru, they are not to bad with you if you do fails something but don't abuse of it and don't try to be clever many times they are now improving the system and all come to be more strictly.
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