Dodgy deliveries

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Dodgy deliveries

Postby Fridge » Saturday 16 January 2010, 22:07

Has anyone ever done what they thought was a genuine delivery only to be then caught up in a "stolen goods" saga??

I did what i thought was a genuine delivery at the beggining of the week.

Had a call, guy gave me a genuine company name. I picked up from a company, was told the stuff was going to leeds but i could meet a guy in Haydock who will take the stuff off me.

Got there, unloaded into the guys van, he said he was off to take the stuff to the Leeds store, got paid and that was that.... or so i thought.
Got another call off "paul" on Wed and asked if i would pick up 18 boxes from same place as monday and take to Leeds. Obviously as things are quiet i agreed. Got to pick up point and was confronted by the police and questioned. Found out this gang have been going for 2 years, hacked into a genuine companies account, ordered over £7000 worth of audio equipment and and dragged me into it :evil: . Anyway, told the police all i know, and was told unless they are caught they will move on to some other unsuspecting company. So, be careful if a liverpudlian sounding guy by the name of Paul asks you to do a drop and also if he mentions the name Tony. Also found out it wasnt 18 boxes but 54
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