New TomTom Rider announced

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New TomTom Rider announced

Postby EnsonExpress » Wednesday 21 January 2015, 21:52

Renault Kangoo with carpeted floor and folding bulkhead. 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.4m.
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Re: New TomTom Rider announced

Postby Redbikeboy » Wednesday 11 February 2015, 11:38

Looks better than my garmin nuvi and zip lock bag.
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Re: New TomTom Rider announced

Postby bramble43 » Friday 13 February 2015, 18:01

They'll be the usual con.

A battery power sat nav for £300+ and then to get it t charge from the bike it'll be another £100 for the mount and cable kit.

I've changed to garmin, so far it's only had one set of pins wear on the charge mount and they are cheaper to replace.

I prefer the tomtom UI but having to replace the mount regularly and it stopping charging randomly, just isn't worth the trouble.
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