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Postby Allan1010 » Wednesday 4 February 2009, 19:27

Speaking of torches, I have a couple of LED maglites knocking around the place.
I converted them myself (it's just like changing a bulb) and they use MUCH less power then a normal torch so the batteries last several times longer.

Every Christmas holiday I strip and clean them, put the batteries that I had been carrying for spares in to them, lube up the O ring seals and threads and put them back together. I ditch the batteries that were in and get a fresh spare set to each carry with the torches.

I tried the wind up and, erm, for want of a better description, "rude hand gesture" rechargeable types but if you're working on your vehicle in the dark they lose their initial brightness very very quickly although the light will last for a long time, fading slowly before recharging, I find that to actually use them for anything they need to be topped off every few minutes to maintain brightness.
I still have them as a backup though.

Postby RCD UK » Wednesday 4 February 2009, 20:28

+1 on the led bulb conversion for your Maglite - much better light output plus a set of batteries lasts for a year, and the bulb continues to work at useable brightness even when the batteries eventually fade, unlike a normal bulb which just becomes dim after a few months.
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Postby mattyg » Tuesday 22 December 2009, 11:44

Dont forget a bottle to I think i need my nappy changed in. then you dont have to go outside.

Which i believe you can double up then as some extra warmth until it cools.

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