Full circle

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Full circle

Postby M&P » Friday 26 September 2014, 22:49

Not been on here for a while but it would appear that certain events in life make you sit up and consider things in a different light.

Beginning of last month I suffered a massive heart attack and only survived thanks to being around people at the time and the excellent work of the NHS, only to be followed by what happened with Tony @ MK. These put things in perspective for me and decisions were quickly made to help ensure it didn't happen again.

After a couple of years of building my own work up and driving ridiculous hours I've binned the large van (hotel Iveco) and gone back to being a small van subby. Less hours, less miles, less stress and unfortunately less money. But the saying 'there's more to life than money' is a reality for me.

I started on here as a small van subby and now I've gone full circle back to it. And I couldn't be happier ::D:
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Re: Full circle

Postby Mike George » Saturday 27 September 2014, 07:06

Sounds like a good plan - live long and prosper ::D:

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