Paris to ban cars regd before 97 & bikes 2000

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Paris to ban cars regd before 97 & bikes 2000

Postby bramble43 » Monday 2 March 2015, 00:24

Googly translated email from ffmc below.

But the basics are, from July next year, bikes registered prior to 2000 and cars, vans etc registered before 1997 will not be permitted into the inner areas of Paris .

It's a bit of a spanner, I use older bikes because I find they are more reliable and if they do break, easier to fix on the roadside.

Petition and all info here > ... rmidable-1

In January 2015, the city of Paris has decided to ban old vehicles on the grounds clean the air Parisians.
are designated as "pollutants" trucks and tour buses, passenger cars manufactured before 1997 and all registered motorcycles before 2000. From July 2016, these vehicles will be banned in Paris, Monday to Friday. This classification will go to hardening until 2020, the year from which will not ride in the capital that vehicles meet the highest standards.

In view of the project dedicated to the "Greater Paris" (extension of the city limits of current A 86), some communities of towns in the suburb of Paris could in turn pass this traffic restriction plan. Such projects involve other provincial cities.
No to the scrapping of vehicles in good condition!
Under the pretext of ecology, thousands of vehicles in perfect working condition may therefore from scrapping the sole benefit of the automotive industry, for whom this plan is called supposed to protect the environment will mainly help to boost sales of new cars, failing to revive jobs since the cars are now manufactured in countries with low-cost. Hello ecology!
Under the pretext of ecology, hundreds of thousands of employees, students, apprentices, pensioners, unemployed, all forced to move, no alternative to the use of a vehicle motorized, will be forced to buy a car or a new motorbike or very recent in the next five years.
The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) denounces this spatial segregation plan, ostensibly to reduce pollution in central Paris, will generate greater difficulties for people in remote areas of inner cities.
FMWC recalls that the use of a motorized two-wheeler is an alternative to urban congestion generating pollution. A motorcycle in traffic, it's one less car in traffic means less congestion and that's also good for motorists!
A driver on his motorbike, this is a user least in public transport which are saturated at peak times!
FMWC calls users from all regions to mobilize against this restriction project that will not solve the causes of air pollution in Paris, will exacerbate the divisions between the inhabitants of the capital and the suburbs, and will run in other cities in France if he was to be finally adopted.
You have until March 22 to sign the petition, the first round of regional elections. At its closure, it will be presented to the Prime Minister.
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