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Postby dmw0lton » Monday 16 April 2018, 21:16

Evening Chaps,

A quick brief about me.
I have been self employed since February. Love a good drive! Currently a hired freelance driver for a fibreglass manufacturer which pays me reasonably for daily drops off from Essex to Sheffield each week.
I am currently looking at contract hire vans to increase my workload on the other days of the week i do not work. Which, recently i have signed up to Courier Expert, awaiting completion before i can start using the Virtual Hub to obtain other deliveries.
Liking the life so far. At current i do a minimum of two days for this manufacturer which equates to around 800 miles a week alone.
Would appreciate any guidance which could point me in the right direction to a good startup.

Thanks gentleman.
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Re: New user

Postby EnsonExpress » Tuesday 17 April 2018, 07:31

Renault Kangoo with carpeted floor and folding bulkhead. 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.4m.
07903 129 445

Dear Lord, please save me from the ex pert drivers (y'know the ones in black cars).
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