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Postby zoomungus » Tuesday 23 August 2016, 15:12

Encantardo! Ex 80's motorcycle despatch rider/van/3 ton driver thinking of making a return to the circuits, currently living in sunny Spain......
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Re: Hola!

Postby nads » Tuesday 23 August 2016, 22:05

Jeez, things must be bad out there !!
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Re: Hola!

Postby Robster » Friday 9 September 2016, 21:47

Can i live in spain wile u work over here lol
Owner driver... sun worshipper... superstar DJ... based in NW England..
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Re: Hola!

Postby brummieadam » Wednesday 14 September 2016, 23:25


Ex early 90`s despatch rider here also , i think i still have my Pony Express bag in the loft and i know there still a Lynx Express bag up there keeping my out of date maps off the floor . I dont pine for the days of old where i could swop a cx500 engine in 25 minutes .

The days of belting round the smoke are almost dead , there is no longer 20 bikes at every light and informal drag racing along embankment any more . Most citys dont use them any more and tend to use small vans . Bikes are now a neich market ! Therefore really its van only .

Then theres the work , its same day which is whats we would know as dedicated and then theres the overnights which dont exsist except in the lads who drive 3.5 tonners for the likes of UPS . Same day is belting from 1 city to another dropping off where the overnighters ( multidrop ) have a set run each day and deliver within postcodes . Theres also some ``contracts`` but these then to be hard to get these days due to the number of companys out there ,,,,,, oh and you would no longer be a driver but now you are a company ! this to this day always cheers me up . Take a call and you arnt some sweaty arsssed broken toothed lout sat in a van swimming in dog ends and chip papers , now you are a managing directer hosting a meeting .

Works changed rather alot from back in the day . No longer do you pay 25 quid for the radio and have to hunt out phone boxs and instead its mobiles, sat nav and tech . Accountability is everything , gone are the days a controller would sort everything out for you :no: . Rates hohoho are you will be happy to hear the exact same as what you got back in the day .... yes really ..... There is no round trip anymore as its all classed as one way so you loose out on collection miles AND dead miles after dropping . A small van will get something in the range of 55-70 pence per loaded mile which is ironically a degree less than the p/express of £1.35 per collection and 34ppm of 1991 , still its not like fuels over 55 pence per litre and insurance is im almost poss still 400 quid ( dude steady yourself , its 3 grand as a starter outer ) . Wages have also altered somewhat so no longer do you invoice at the end of every week with payment 2 weeks after . Its not considered normal to get an invoice in at the end of the month and not pay it for a further 2 months as it can even be 3 !. As i type i can feel myself getting closer and closer to becoming a taxi driver or belting round in a truck for 12 quid an hour and enjoying paid holidays and sick pay ..... why i still do this ill never know ,,,, oh and hours . Back in the day the evenings were your own to recover from the cold and drop a bit of oil in . No longer the case , companys expect 24/7 or work is not offered , 14 hr days are the norm , monady i did 14 3/4 hrs and drove a smudge under 700 miles !

So would i recommend this ? if you really have nothing else then yeah you at least have a reason to get up in the morning but if theres a slim chance of anything else then go do that , aircon certification , forklift , shifting skips etc etc all pay better

Still , the suns out tomorrow and ill drop a bit of lube on the chain and go abuse the FZR tomorrow just because i can , perhaps its not so bad ...... maybe
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