i enjoy my job

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i enjoy my job

Postby tjtj » Sunday 21 August 2016, 07:55

my first introduction to courier work was through anyvan and shiply. i started just part time then decided i was so fed up with my current job (selling books for the book people)that i would give it a go full time. i decided to just cover south of the m4 so i was doing a weekly run to cornwall from south east london. the first time i did this run i left my house 5am on the thursday morning , it was constant pressure all day to keep to the times i had given for collections and deliverys and after 750 miles i got back home 1am the next morning. totally exhausted! i would never do that again. so the next week i drove down on the thursday , slept in the van or at a campsite(only cost £13) overnight and drove back on the friday. i would normally spend a couple of days either side of this do other jobs and collecting and delivering the goods for the main run to cornwall. i loved it.
i would bid on couple of big jobs £80 to £100 and once i had those and knew roughly where i was going so i could bid on smaller jobs on route. my worst run i broke even. my last run was the best at £650 for the deliveries over the 2 days. overall i didnt make enough money.
i decided to go to parcelforce as man and van. regular work clearing up excess work and covering routes when drivers were off. i am still there now as owner driver. i have my own route that i am responsible for covering. the money is good and the thing i really like about multidrop is you start the day with the van full up and end with it tidy and empty. i didnt think i had OCD but i find it so satisfying.
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