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Postby harps » Saturday 20 November 2010, 11:59

Hi all... I nearly got scammed the other day so just throught i would enlighten you all so that none of you fall into the same trap...

Basically got a call about 15:30 on Wednesday eve from a chap calling himself Steve from a company calling themselves M&N plumbing. The chap wanted a boiler picking up from Plumb center in Nuneaton & taking down to London sometime that everning.

Something didnt sound right straight away and because i had never dealt with them before so i was wary. I asked where they got my details from and he said he typed in Couriers in Nuneaton and mine was one of the only 2 that came up... Now i know this wasnt true as for one im based in Coventry!!

He said he needed it picking up ASAP & asked if i could give him a cheaper cash price and said i did he would consider using me again. I told him that he would need to pay me in cash on delivery anyway as he was a new customer but the price would not be discounted... This again made me have doubts about the deal.

He did however give me all the reference numbers/names etc that i would need so i thought i would give him the benfit of the doubt and do the job... After all i could have done with the extra cash.

So i made my way to Nuneaton, got to the Plumb center and explained that i was picking up a boiler for a company called M&N plumbing (who have an account with the plumb center). Now it turns out that they are based in Banbury so the guy at Plumb center phoned the office to see what was going on and they didnt know anything about a boiler needing to be delivered to London... The guy at the plumb center then said that they have had this happen before so would not be releasing the boiler without upfront payment.... which i was clearly not paying for!!

So i phoned the guy in London back and explained the situation and he said he would call me back... 10 minutes later and still nothing... phoned him back, didnt answer a couple of times... finally ansered and he said he didnt know what i was talking about and huung up!!!

So that was it, drove home feeling a little bit taken aback as to what just happened and what actually could have happened to me had i actually got down to London!!

So be warned about anyone needing anything picking up from the plumb center!! I will also be very carelful about who i do business with in the future!!
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Postby Cargo Couriers NI » Saturday 20 November 2010, 12:08

Think in a case like this I would have rung plumb centre first to see if goods were ready for collection. You would have quickly discovered it was a toss pot job and only out the cost of a phone call.
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Postby Bob Johnson » Saturday 20 November 2010, 12:28

I hope you would report such things to the authorities too.....
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Postby Stuart Farrington » Saturday 20 November 2010, 12:29

I almost got caught up in a scam yesterday but luckily I'd been tipped off about it so was prepared when the scammer called me.

Don't want to go into too much detail as I know there's a police investigation going on now but what I will say is that this bloke was getting couriers to collect expensive bits of music equipment, he was paying them either by paypal or by cheque. Shortly after paypal would claim the money back (suspect he was using stolen cards to pay), and cheques where returned unpaid stamped "stolen". It also looks like he may have paid the supplier of the goods with stolen cards too so they will be well out of pocket.

It just shows you have to be so careful as you never know who is out to try and rip you off.
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Postby Minty » Saturday 20 November 2010, 14:05

I had the same problem about 3 years ago, but I was subbing for a mate.I went to plumb centre Cambridge to pick up a boiler to go to Epping for cash on delivery. Luckily the plumb centre were on the ball and recognised it as a scam and never released the boiler to me.

When my mate rang the "customer" to ask questions the guy hung up and then when he tried again the number was unavailable.
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Postby dino » Saturday 20 November 2010, 14:39

We all need to be on the ball as these people will forever be thinking up new ways to rip us off,

What i will say is things like this will happen to newbies more than people who have been in the game a few years , when you are first starting out you are eager to please and make money so will probly take more risks but as you become more experienced you will know when things are to good to be true.
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Postby A KIRK » Saturday 20 November 2010, 15:15

Must be a week for scams I got scammed the other morning, picked up a bacon sanwich from the services and was charged £4 what a poxy scam.

These scams have been around for years and are documented on this site, but it doesn't hurt reminding people abot them to make sure as few of us as possible get caught out by them
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Postby MK BIKER » Saturday 20 November 2010, 16:45

Thats and old one it normally begins witth them ringing up the plumb centre sommit like this

"Its ABC Plumbing we've got an account with you (normally pulled outta the yellow pages and what plumber hasnt got an account wi em) cant remember the account no. but we're on a job in London and need to send someone in to collect a boiler to bring down to us......"

if they've caught the spotty wet behind the ears 17 yr old he may well give em the account no. :roll:

You pick it up
they pay you cash
they get a boiler for £50 :shock:
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Postby J H Sameday » Monday 22 November 2010, 23:21

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Postby GMC » Saturday 10 March 2012, 15:16

:lemon: Theirs a possibility I may have nearly been scammed? but its to early to say.. But the only thing I lost out on was my fuel expense of £24 and my time and 250 mile round trip.
I took a call from an Individual from Acton, London W4 who professes to own a company which I shall name later (I did a company house check and a google check, but nothing) .. His Initials are PJ, and asked me to collect a £4 grand piece of Jewellery, to the value of £11 grand in which I find out later this is Incorrect and the true value was more :yikes: , but he did ask have I lost anything before to which I reply No I have a 100% track record and he didnt want to pay extra for the insurance as my git was £10 grand, So at this point I thought uuummm but never thought anymore of it, Mistake no1 was not to take payment over the phone (which also could have been dodgy) but did agree to COD, their is a possibility by doing this it could have ended nastily or maybe not, as I didnt suspect anything until I arrived at local Auctions nr Sunderland.. Which when I arrived the Manager was on the phone to my Customer, so I heard word for word the conversation, which basically was until funds have cleared which takes 24hrs, he would release the goods (which I can relate to, and goes without saying)... So after that conversation finished, I received the call from my customer, so he could explain the circumstance, in which i already heard, but he did ask if i could do it Friday 9/3/12 when funds were clear ( i didnt hear owt back), in which I said Yes but would cost extra to which he agreed, so after that call I spoke to the manager, he informed me that all auctions and antique shops will not release goods until payment has been checked and cleared, as they get scammed all the time.. So after the initial conversation, it seems my customer details were totally different to the 2 lots of details given to the auction house including 2 different addresses? (alarm Bells), so I left my top copy of my POD with the manager, for him to use if nessassary if he needs to take it further..

Now Fri, I was in the area due to a funeral, so spoke to auction house, and they have not heard about the cleared payment as yet.. so rang my customer who didnt answer, but did ring back, in the small conversation we had he did say "im in the middle of sorting it out i will get back" .. so spoke to auction house again in the afternoon, they tried the numbers that were given, but was told "never heard of him" and not at this address(alarm bells), but did mention that I spoke to said customer not more than 10 mins ago on the number that he'd given me, the auction house didnt have the number that I had, in which i said its on my Job sheet, they did say they will get back to me at some point... Saga Continues so beware if you receive a call asking to collect jewellery from Auctions and its Cash on Delivery.
As time goes on and the details become more clearer, and it could be a scam I will publish all details given, unless the police are involved and their is a case? :lemon:
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Postby GMC » Monday 12 March 2012, 13:29

Update! I received another call this morning 0845 12/3/12 from PJ who stated payment should be clear and can I continue with the job, I replied yes, but will take payment over the phone, to which he agreed, and I would be available this afternoon.. So I have just got off the phone to the auction house to find that the sale has not gone through due to the cards being cloned, now the police and the bank are now involved.. so I will not be able to give information due to the nature of the case.

So be on your toes if asked to collect expensive items from auction houses, and yes they can use dodgy cards to pay over the phone for your service, my advice is ring the auction house first regarding clearance of payment, as all auction houses will not release goods until clearance of payment, as this is a regular occurance of scamming so i am told.
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Postby Jack Bridgestone » Monday 12 March 2012, 13:41

Good to see you handing out advice to people who can't be bothered to read the 'scam' section on this forum :wink:

Jack :wave:
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