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Postby Anonymous » Saturday 9 May 2009, 20:04

thanks dave,like i said its a start

Re: delivering newspapers

Postby Daverichavfc » Thursday 26 July 2018, 08:27

I couldn't find an up to date post regarding Smith's and as iv searched high and low for the relative information with no avail I ended up doing 4 days for Smith's this week.posting to give others the heads up before making the mistake that I have.
It's sold to you as a few hours a day and at 613 quid a week doesn't sound that bad.thats where it ends.
My day started at 1230am 3 days a week.the others were 230am.earliest I got home was 815 latest 10am and I wasn't hanging have to pack the papers which could weigh up to a tonne and if tour overweight have to do a prerun(hence 1230 starts 3 times a week)to get the weight covered 57 miles daily 22 stops.
Packing takes 1hour 45 mins very menial job,then load,then 2 hours plus driving.then just to take the ****further you have to scan EVERY SINGLE UNSOLD PAPER back in to the depot,sometimes a whole 6 foot cage worth of them"ten minutes that takes"of course it does ...more like best part of an hour.
Best doing if you have a battered old van lwb minimum.
My idea was to do the 4/5hours or so then a bit of sameday 2 days a week.not a chance it would work working those hours constantly tired and going to bed at daft o clock.
I 'll break it down for you.
613 paid.
115 van rental ex vat
112 fuel minimum(this includes commute)ex vat.
25 insurance
Leaves 361
43 hours worked
Equals 8.40 an hour.
1am starts for 8.40 an hour.(iv since been given information that 8.40 is what Smith's do their cost templates on)

They asked me to sign a contract,in the contract I have to give 28 days notice and get paid 3 weeks in arrears.if you don't show they keep up to 3 weeks wages as fines for finding cover. 3 no shows and you're sacked off.
I said I'm not signing until iv done a week of it to see what I'm in for....lasted 4 days.

If you live on the doorstep and run a battered van you may just scrape a living but factor on your repairs, tax,deprec,tyres servicing,pads,etc,.if not give it the swerve.
Just to give others the info I needed...
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Re: delivering newspapers

Postby EnsonExpress » Thursday 26 July 2018, 08:48

Good lad Dave. Your post could do to be the first in this thread to show people what it's all about.

I'll bet you were overloaded regularly too. One day traffic police or VOSA will decide to do a job on paper delivery vans!
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Re: delivering newspapers

Postby Daverichavfc » Thursday 26 July 2018, 09:31

Was this week I started.i looked at the van with a nights papers and 60 tote boxes and thought there no way this is under weight.i asked the question and was told there was a tonne....strange how there was a tonne of papers alone on the previous night. Van was rammed with no room to move.

They did say that one bloke had been done before,but looking at some of the loads going out it wouldn't surprise me if their weight calculations were some way out.
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