The calendar/wallplanner scam

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Postby bramble43 » Saturday 6 June 2009, 20:35

Fridge wrote:I have had a couple of calls over the last week about this.

One was for a kids cancer charity saying i'll be in the book as the only courier.

I believe charity begins at home, and i admit i said yes. :roll:

They said the could do it for about £275 and the advert will be in the books for a year.
When i got the letter through it was something like £327... they didn't mention VAT. :evil:
Work is slow so am going to pull out of it, just can't afford that sort of money. I also had a call from another one for the NHS and said no can do.

I am now getting fed up with cold callers offering this that and the other.

One bloke didn't stop going on about what they offer til i shouted "F**K OFF" down the phone, then he shut up :D

Yes, only courier in the book, cos you'll have the only book that gets printed.

The scam is not the price, it's that the book is printed in quantities of about 50 and sent to only the mugs who have paid for it, charity may recieve a token 20 quid to almost keep it legal and you'll get no work at all out of it

Pulling out will be hell, get working on it now and find a number for trading standards and a solicitor
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Postby Mike George » Sunday 7 June 2009, 07:20

Single Limited wrote:I was asked to create a software package for a company looking to hold a database of customers.

They wanted it to display - and I quote - "a picture of the member or their company logo"

When I came in with the updated software they told me that they was happy with the software but wanted a few more changes!

Another addition was a postcode validator that looked at the postcode and then arranged each company into their own locality.

Why did they want all that if they weren't really producing anything?

Were they running some kind of online business directory as well?

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Postby Anonymous » Sunday 7 June 2009, 13:48

Mike George wrote:Why did they want all that if they weren't really producing anything?

Were they running some kind of online business directory as well?

I found out that they wanted the logos as they sent them to the "clients" to show work had been complete.

Then, whenever a "client" called, they could find the correct member and on that page would be all the information including what the advert cost the "client" , the recorded call, and the design used, this could also be printed in case of any queries.

I since found out that the postcode validator was so that, as explained elsewhere, they could get copies of the planner made with adverts printed from local businesses to each other.

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