Advice for City Link drivers

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Advice for City Link drivers

Postby Mike George » Monday 29 December 2014, 20:26

I see ex-City Link drivers have started arriving here (and people trying to recruit them) and I think it would be a good idea to offer some advice.

A lot of them will have been working full time for the company and will be looking for ways to get out of a disastrous situation. For many it has been an alternative to PAYE employment, not a conscious decision to run a business, and the usual advice about business plans, working capital etc is not helpful.

The only advice I can offer is...

1. Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire, watch out for vultures looking for mugs to fleece, and check them out carefully.

2. Follow @TrafficComplete on Twitter for a good chance of finding a reputable company.

3. If you're thinking of switching to sameday 'ad hoc' subbing look into it thoroughly first because it's a different game.

I'm sure some of you more experienced members can offer more helpful advice?

I am an ex-owner driver and I run Shed 5 exchange for couriers
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Re: Advice for City Link drivers

Postby MACK » Tuesday 30 December 2014, 10:18

Nice post Mike and a difficult one to compose for people who are probably going into the new year very worried .

It is highly unlikely that any other one company will offer you a situation that is da same set up you have been used to .
If however DPD UK Mail TNT or APC offer you a round your best bet would be to bite their hand off before anybody else gets in .
If you want to be a sameday adhoc courier these days you have to be a marketing expert and its just not even worth thinking about .
On the plus side if the big four parcels companies sweep the CL accounts they maybe desperate for multidrop drivers and they may even be so desperate that they might even entertain your yellow and green van for a while
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