So you want to be a courier

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So you want to be a courier

Postby ray valentine » Wednesday 4 January 2017, 12:25

I am old enough to have seen the national economy take a dive on a few occasions, and at these times of mass redundancies i have met many people who have said "if i get made redundant, i will by a van a do deliveries". It's easy, buy a secondhand van get some insurance and the customers will beat your door down. As many have found it dose not work like that, if it did every one would be doing it. Even when time are good it is hard to get a foothold in this industry. Ask your self why anyone would use your services? If they need a courier they probably have one that is reliable and will not want to change just because you knock on their door. So what makes your service better than the one they have? Even if you cost less they will be reluctant to change to an unknown service provider.
I joined Shed 5 many years ago, a courier web site where couriers post loads (occasionally) and many new to this business also join, they then complain that there are not many jobs posted, this is because the established couriers on the site prefer to contact people direct, and will use people that have proven they can do the job. As in all business we use people we know that will not let us down, but again this makes it hard for the new guy.
Before you start do your home work, when i started there were about ten pages of courier listings in my local yellow pages, that is a lot of competition, work out your costings, once you know what size van to buy. See if you can interest some people in using you before you invest any money, you will need enough money in the bank to live on for a year, as you will inevitably have to build into a viable business.
The one piece advise i will give is, if you have no experience of the transport industry is Do not do it.
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Re: So you want to be a courier

Postby IRMA777 » Wednesday 4 January 2017, 15:17

:idea: Wise words,take heed.
Glad to hear your still around Ray. ::D:
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Re: So you want to be a courier

Postby Jim Miller » Saturday 7 January 2017, 18:58

Yes, good words Ray. It is a HIGHLY competitive industry, so you need a good head on your shoulders to figure out how you can carve out a niche for yourself to survive in. You personally, must be doing particularly well to survive in the "Norfolk Bulge" Ray, as I try and avoid that area for deliveries, because I know that backloads are like hens teeth in the Norwich area. :)
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Re: So you want to be a courier

Postby 1Courier » Monday 11 September 2017, 09:52

Hi all, new here but thought I would drop a quick reply into this.

While I agree this can is a tough industry to break into I definitely DO NOT agree that if you have no experiences not to try, its depends on you, a) do you have finances to fall back on while you try build customer base (around 18 months to be safe I guess) b) are you willing to put in the effort and build a base, will take a while but hang around long enough, be reliable, affordable and people will start using you.

There are many other factors, not want o try list them all, as I'm sure everyone has their own take on what is required

This is like any job in some ways what you put in, you have a good chance of getting out, hard work while not always but mostly will reap rewards, it just takes time and effort, so if you can wait o make it work then try, never ever be scared to try something new, especially if the ones doing it training to warn you off :no:
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Re: So you want to be a courier

Postby EnsonExpress » Tuesday 12 September 2017, 05:08

Good comments. Make a diary note to come back in 18 months to tell us how it went.
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