Recent poor mpg

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Recent poor mpg

Postby AndyBee » Tuesday 22 August 2017, 23:52

I run a Peugeot bipper, and this past couple of weeks I decided to pay some attention to the fuel economy. I was shocked to find I'm returning a pretty low 42mpg. I'm rarely carrying much weight, I'm light on the pedals and serviced on time every time. So I've checked the tyres and shifted out all the junk I've collected, making a bit more effort to be smoother and dropped in some injector cleaner. Can anyone think of anything else before I send it to be checked over or is this what I should be expecting after 180k?

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Re: Recent poor mpg

Postby EnsonExpress » Thursday 24 August 2017, 15:16

My Kangoo is at 185k and steady at 52mpg unless I absolutely thrash it (which I don't).

But I can't offer any advice - my mechanical knowledge is limited to knowing that front and forwards are both at the other side of the steering wheel from where I sit.
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Re: Recent poor mpg

Postby IRMA777 » Monday 28 August 2017, 14:04

:wink: Change the air-filter AND the fuel filter, regardless of when serviced,dealers won't change these until stupid mileages. Mine are changed at EVERY service, regardless of which vehicle it is, one vehicle has a 12k service interval :shock:
In the big scheme of things, it's pennies. :wink:
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Re: Recent poor mpg

Postby brummieadam » Tuesday 19 September 2017, 23:11

as has been said a good service to be assured its not running rich thanks to blocked air filter etc .

Id also jack it up and spin a wheel to make sure its not got a binding brake

Beyond this then it could simply be getting sloppy in the bores , valve seats not seating properly etc etc , with 185 thinks will start to wear out for sure
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