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about codforum

I'm Nick Andrews and I own codforum.

Mike George originaly created codforum in February 2004 and i took over in February 2010

He was looking for a forum where owner drivers could talk to each other and help each other out, but there weren't any so he started codforum — the only forum that's just for owner drivers.

And it's the only forum where there is no advertising of jobs or touting for work, so you know that people are here to talk about the business and share ideas.

Although Mike is no longer an owner driver he still owns Shed 5 courier freight exchange.

I currently run a courier business and courierworld forum but codforum is run as a completely separate site which is open to all owner drivers.

the best courier forum I've come across - great info, helpful genuine people and a bit of a laugh

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the forums

You don't have to register to read the forums, but only registered members can post or reply to topics.

The forums are moderated, which means site admin and moderators keep an eye on them and remove any advertising, spam or offensive content.


Codforum is, and always will be, free to join and use. The running costs are covered by advertising.

Google ads and affiliate ads are used alongside paid for ad placements to provide a range of advertising that is relevant to members. To enquire about advertising on codforum send an email.


If you have any questions or comments about codforum, or suggestions for improving it, please send me an email.

I'm sorry but I cannot answer questions or give advice by email — but you're sure to find the answers on the forums!

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If you require adaptation, your request should be made via paypal payment with the correct fee to


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send an email.

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codforum is the only forum just for courier owner drivers. It's the best starting place for all new owner drivers and a great meeting place for more experienced couriers, so to join us now carry on to the registration page.

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